Powastone 100W GaN 3 Charger

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Unleash the Power of the Zyron 100W GaN Charger - The Ultimate USB and USB-C Charging Solution!

  • High-Powered Performance: Elevate your charging experience with the Zyron 100W USB-C charger, featuring advanced Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology for unparalleled efficiency and power delivery.
  • Versatile USB and USB-C Ports: Equipped with 2 USB-C and 1 USB-A ports, this dual USB-C charger caters to a broad spectrum of devices, serving as a reliable USB and USB-C charger for your smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more.
  • Universal Compatibility: Embrace the convenience of a universal Type C USB charger, ensuring seamless compatibility with various devices, including laptops, smartphones, and tablets.
  • Rapid Type C Charging Innovation: Revolutionize your charging routine with the Zyron Type C charger, delivering swift and efficient charging for all your USB-C enabled devices.
  • Cutting-Edge Gan Charging Technology: Benefit from Gallium Nitride (GaN) charging innovation, enhancing efficiency while reducing heat, guaranteeing a reliable and durable charging experience.
  • Samsung and Apple Fast Charger: Compatible with Samsung and Apple devices, this Gan charger supports fast charging, ensuring your devices power up swiftly.
  • Dual USB-C Ports for Enhanced Convenience: With two USB-C ports, the Zyron charger allows you to simultaneously charge multiple devices, offering unparalleled convenience.
  • 100W Power Delivery for Ultimate Performance: Unleash the full potential of 100W power delivery, ensuring your laptops, smartphones, and other USB-C devices receive ample power for rapid charging.
  • Fast USB-C Charger for MacBook: Tailored for MacBook users, this charger is the perfect USB-C 100W charger for MacBook and other Apple devices, providing fast, reliable and efficient charging.
  • Super Fast Charging for Samsung Devices: Experience super-fast charging tailored for Samsung devices, reducing downtime and keeping you connected.
  • Compact and Travel-Friendly USB C Wall Charger: Designed with on-the-go lifestyles in mind, the compact size of this USB C wall charger makes it the perfect travel companion for your charging needs.
  • Complete Charging Solution with USB-C Charger and Cable: Enhance your charging setup with the Zyron 100W USB Type C charger, which includes both the USB-C charger block and a high-quality 2m long USB-C cable.


Upgrade to the Zyron 100W gallium nitride charger and enjoy the pinnacle of USB and USB-C charging technology for all your devices!

100W GaN Wall Charger

Elevate your charging experience with our 100W GaN Wall Charger featuring two USB-C ports and one USB-A port. Enjoy the flexibility of charging multiple devices simultaneously, from laptops to smartphones and more.

Intelligent Power Management

Experience the next level of charging intelligence. Our 100W GaN Charger automatically detects connected devices and optimally distributes power across ports for efficient and personalized charging. Say hello to smart and optimized gan charging performance.

Efficient Multi-Device Charging

Our 3 port GaN Charger allows you to power up to three devices at once, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Experience efficient and clutter-free charging, whether at home or traveling.

Secure Charging

Overheating, overcharge and short circuit protections ensure that your devices are charged reliably and securely.

Universal Compatibility

Our 100W GaN 3 Charger has broad compatibility ensures you can charge various devices, from smartphones and tablets to laptops and more. Enjoy the convenience of universal fast charging without limitations.

Travel-Ready Convenience: Compact Charger, 100W Cable, and Case

Charge on-the-go with the perfect travel companions.

Designed for travelers, our GaN Charger comes with a 100W 2M USB-C cable and a travel case. Whether you're jet-setting or simply on the move, enjoy the convenience of compact and efficient charging.


Connect and charge your devices with ease. Some of the compatible models are listed here.

Included in the box

Powastone 100W

GaN 3 Charger

usb cable


100W, 2m Cable

Travel Pouch

Zipper Carry Case

User Manual

Quick Start Guide


2 Years Limited

About Zyron Powastone GaN Charger

Product specification

100W USB-C Charger. 3-Port 100W PD Charger



Power Output



100-240V ~ 50/60Hz 2.0A

Output USB-C1/C2

C1 5V3A, 9V3A, 12V3A, 15V3A, 20V5A (100W)
C2 5V3A, 9V3A, 12V3A, 15V3A, 20V3.25A (65W)


Frequently asked questions about Zyron 65W GaN Charger

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Rod Howard
Brilliant Charger

Congratulations Zyron, you have brought an excellent product to market at a much better price than your competitors. My charger arrived within two days from Sydney to regional NSW and I have been using it to charge my 2021 16"MacBook Pro (M1), which it does extremely rapidly (at least equal to any Apple proprietary charger equivalent). I can also concurrently charge my phone and watch, which is perfect for travel and work.
Thank you (see photo and video post below).

Quality Charger

Charger is great quality and works well.
It is reasonably heavy, so can be knocked out of cheaper brand power points.
Holds tight in Clipsal Iconic.
Carry case is very handy

Costa K
Works well

This charger works as expected.

Used to charge watch, phone and tablet with no issue.

Pretty good

A lovely compact charger that comes a solid feeling travel case and a decent length braided cable. Would recommend