Buy GaN Chargers at Zyron Tech Australia. Premium and high performance Gallium Nitride chargers. USB-C PD laptop chargers. World's smallest GaN Charger Powerpod 66W and 156W PD charger Deskpod. 2 X USB-C charging ports. USB-C Power Delivery charging up to 156W. GaN charging technology - 50% smaller than other chargers.

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Zyron Tech
DESKPOD - 100W USB-C Charger (156W Max)
Regular price$149.99$99.99
Zyron Tech
Powerpod-PRO 108W Max GaN Charger USB C Charger
Regular price$99.99$79.99
Zyron Tech
Powerpod 66W GaN Charger
Regular price$79.99$59.99

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