All you need to know about a GaN charger (Gallium Nitride)

All you need to know about a GaN charger (Gallium Nitride charger) - Zyron Tech

What is GaN Charger?

As a user, GaN Charger are a new way to fast charge your life today, with 3x rapid charging mobile phones, tablets, laptops and much more, to deliver less, and more uptime: work hard, play hard, charge fast.

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What Is Gallium Nitride or GaN?

GaN or Gallium Nitride is a compound with the properties that can be used in semiconductors of gallium nitride charger. It can be used to manufacture components like amplifiers, diodes and transistors. The key feature about GaN, when it comes to chargers, is that it produces less amount of heat. Therefore, components can be assembled closer, so a charger can be built smaller than ever before—yet retaining the power capabilities and safety norms.

Gallium Nitride Technology


What are the advantages of a GaN Charger?

  • GaN Technology enables fast charging due to limited heat loss
  • Lesser power required to drive the circuit
  • Less components allows compact form
  • Lightweight and small size are great for travel
  • Low heat loss also adds to the life of the charger
  • Add more ports to the charger to support multi-device charging
  • Smart output to charge range of devices


Why is Gallium Nitride better than Silicon?

Silicon has been the key material for transistors over the past 4 decades. Silicon conducts electricity better than materials used before, like vacuum tubes. It also keeps costs down, as it's not too expensive to produce. Use of silicon transistors has already reached a point where further developments have limitations. Due to the heat and electrical transfer properties of the silicon material, the chargers can’t get any smaller.

GaN is unique. It's a form of crystal-type material that's capable of conducting higher voltages. Electrical current can pass through components made from GaN faster than silicon, which leads to rapid processing. GaN improves efficiency and lesser heat loss.


Why Gallium Nitride will rule the Next-Gen chargers?

We live in a fast pace world. Majority of us own electronic devices that need fast charging. With a charger that uses Gallium Nitride technology, chargers can be made extremely compact, yet delivering high power outputs.

Since the overall component is compact, most GaN Chargers incorporate Power Delivery USB-C port. This offers fast charging for compatible devices. Many latest smartphones allow fast charging and even more devices will have this technology in the future.


Zyron's GaN Charger

gallium nitride charger travel


Our Powerpod is the a prominent example of the next-gen devices that Zyron creates. It is smallest 66W 3-port charger available and boats the ease of rapid, powerful, and safe charging into a compact form. A must have for travel, home or office use. You can charge your laptop, tablet, smartphone, Nintendo Switch or other USB-C devices, with the Powerpod. Utilizing the latest GaN technology, Powerpod GaN charger provides output up to 66W. The safety protocols built-in protects your devices safe from overcurrent and overvoltage damage. Powerpod Programmable Power Supply PPS allows for stepwise changes in current and voltage. It decreases the conversion loss during charging, ensuring the charge is more efficient. Low heat also allows the chargers to last longer than ever. You can check out the detailed demonstration of the Powerpod-66 on our YouTube Channel.

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